Stillness in the Eye of the Storm

“Centering” from The Power Deck by Lynn V. Andrews, paintings by Rob Schouten

If you have a meditation practice or you imagine yourself meditating, often what emerges is a quiet, peaceful place, possibly in nature, at a retreat, far from the rat race or hum drum of life. Certainly, when opportunities arise to step away from routine, it can be nourishing and rejuvenating to step, to ground, to center.

Yet, what if the whole of your life became a meditation?

I was meditating earlier in the traditional style of sitting meditation and the scene was much different than the peaceful, out-in-nature picture I painted above. Like the Buddha in the card, I live in an urban neighborhood on the flight path to many arriving and departing planes with an ear-deafening power deck washer across the street, dogs barking, a leaf blower shouting, trucks rumbling by, bus brakes squealing–a veritable storm of noise, a symphony of sound. I settled in, found my breath, connected with my center and merged with the all of it–timeless time, soundless noise, Source manifest, God incarnate. I felt and have experienced this stillness in the eye of the storm in other activities as well, when I’m running, when I’m walking, when I’m deep in conversation with someone in the middle of a noisy gathering and all the other voices fall away.

Breathing, walking, eating, typing, what if it’s all part of the meditation? What if it’s all part of the dance, the Stillness playing in the movement while still sitting in Stillness?

“When you are eating, eat totally-
chew totally, taste totally, smell totally.
Touch your bread, feel the texture.
Smell the bread, smell the flavor.
Chew it, let it dissolve into your being,
and remain conscious – and you are meditating.
And then meditation is not separate from life.”
~ Osho

Expand your experience of meditation. Bring awareness to the here and now. Turn your attention to the mundane and see the profound in it all.  Sit in the eye of the storm in each moment and experience the stillness in the movement in the stillness. Much love, Jodi

Eye of the Storm by Golf Punk

The Eye-of-the-Storm.

Surrounded by the winds and the rain,
yet peaceful in its own unworldly way –
an unnatural ruddy-cloudy misty-bright kind of way.
Whatever comes next, the eye of the storm is
a moment of serenity among the challenge –
a time for repose and contemplation.
~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Inelia Benz: Interview with an Alien

This is an extraordinarily ordinary woman with a singular mission:  to raise the vibration on this planet.  There is much inspiration to experience from this video & the main thing I implore you do is look inside your self, converse with your Higher Self or God or the Universe, & be curious about what role you are meant to play in this world.  What contribution are you meant to offer to the planet?

We all are blessed with extraordinary gifts.  There is tremendous power within each one of us.  The low vibration of fear stops many of us though.  What are you afraid of?  Fear of being alone?  Fear of being mocked?  Fear of rejection?  Fear of financial ruin?  Fear of abandonment?  When we fully process & sit with our fear, we are able to raise the overall average of our vibrational level significantly.  Inelia offers an exercise on her website to process the fear.  Then we can step into our full power with all the tools available to us as sentient beings & begin living the dream of peace, creativity & full self-expression here & now.

Much love,


Awakening Transformed: How I transformed waking up in the morning

What has you get excited to wake up in the morning?  Many of us think about the alarm clock going off in the morning and cringe.  I was one of those people & yet, in Groundhog Day style, I would hear my alarm clock go off again…& again…& again because I was a chronic snoozer.  I would sometimes snooze my alarm clock for a full hour or reset my alarm clock for as late as I possibly could or just plain sleep through or ignore my alarm clock.

As I am speaking in past tense, what altered my way of waking up to the world?  I began with the baby step of recording my dreams before I even left my  bed in the morning.  As soon as the alarm clock went off (& sometimes before or without an alarm clock), I would begin to awaken & be witness to my dreams.  I felt so connected to recording those dreams & not wanting them to dissipate in the full sharp rationality of stepping out of bed (What do I need to do today?  What will I eat for dinner?  Who is on my calendar?), I felt motivated to record my dreams in that precious space of half-awakening.

I added non-dominant journaling to my dream recordings.  (I wrote about this in a previous blog post: ).  That brought in some conscious & intuitive creation of my day.  What are my priorities for the day?  What is most important to me today?  What would I like to complete today?  What values are being reflected in my chosen plans for today?

My intention for some time has been to have a morning meditation.  That felt like the next natural baby step in my morning routine.  I began with a very brief meditation, following the dream recordings & the non-dominant journaling, brief as in 5 minutes.  It gradually extended to 10 & now 15 minutes.  It seems to expand & contract, depending on how long the other items take & what I feel into that day.

The final item I’ve added is a pulling of cards.  I have a number of different card decks, a Power deck, a Goddess deck, a Self-Care deck, in addition to traditional tarot decks.  I think of 3 items in my day, usually me, today & the evening thing I am doing (whether it be connecting with one of my heart people or going out on a date with a new person), & pull one card for each part of my day.  I have chosen to pull the cards either before or after journaling & definitely before meditation.  (I may add yoga to this mix – & I just realized that I have a yoga card deck, so I could pull a card & do that yoga pose.  YES!)

It amazes me that after 3 decades of not being excited to wake up in the morning, of being a chronic alarm clock snoozer, of burying myself under the covers begging the universe for just 5 more minutes of precious sleep, with these little baby steps of dream recording, non-dominant handwriting, pulling cards & meditation (that can take less than 1/2 hour), I have transformed my morning awakening.

Please comment on this blog with questions, comments & sharing of your own personal experiences of morning routines.

Much love, Jodi