Shift Happens

Envision the Future

An airline attendant once said when we were landing, “Please be careful when opening overhead compartments with the contents inside because as we all know, shift happens”.  He got many a chuckle from the passengers & he spoke the truth about life.

The shift is happening, even as I type, & what I am very interested in is how can we contribute to the direction of the shift?  If you were to envision the future & see exactly what you would want to see, what would be included in that vision?

Raising the Frequency

We connected this past Tuesday at Presencing Tuesdays & as a community, began to answer the question, “What do we want to bring more of to our planet?”.  What was said was powerful — Love, connection, community, acceptance, trust, fun, creativity, equality, friendship, organic food, cats, ease.

What do you want to cultivate now in your life, in your community, in your work spaces, in your country for this planet?

Much love,



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