Thomas Hubl: The Dance of Silence & Movement


Presencing a new "we"

Thomas Hubl: A Whole Spirituality

I had the immense pleasure & privilege of being in the presence of this great spiritual master this past Tuesday afternoon & evening, April 3, 2012.  It is difficult to describe in words what was transmitted in that space & I will do my best.

He spoke of many things & two themes, in particular, emerged, what I will call the Levels of Existence & the Dance of Silence & Movement.  I will share both.

Levels of Existence

Hubl spoke of three levels of existence — 1. Personal, 2. Patterns, & 3. Principle.  Oftentimes, we are embroiled in the personal, the stories, the details — big, small & in between — that appear to make up the fabric of our lives.  If our lives were a play, the personal would be the plot.  Most people rarely look past the plot.  Most people only see, only hear, only feel the plot.

However, if one were to step back from the personal, from the plot, from the play, one might catch a glimpse of the patterns that inform the personal details.  Or said another way, the patterns are the code from which the programs, the games, the play is written & this code dates back to thousands of years, thousands of lifetimes to the beginning of manifestation.  These patterns, this code, offer an opportunity to not take things so personally, to recognize the mechanical conditioning that has been set in place long before your soul was born into this body into this lifetime.  Yet, there’s another level that informs even the patterns, which, in turn, inform the personal, & that is the principle.

The principle is God, the Universe, The Architect in The Matrix, the unformed Source, that which has never been nor never will be, that which is neither that nor this, infinite possibilities — the list goes on in our human attempts to describe, categorize, & try to understand that which is incomprehensible to the limits of the human mind.  This principle offers the raw no-thing from which everything is born.

The Dance of Silence & Movement

Just as most people are fully engrossed in the person; so too, most people are often in constant movement of life.  This movement is in the literal gross physical sense of moving from work to play, from being awake to being asleep.  This movement also occurs on a more subtle realm of feelings, thoughts, energy, being.  This movement is often following in the grooves of all the years & lifetimes of conditioning in an automatic, mechanical way.  Rarely, here in the States, do we take the time from our busy days, our hectic, harried lives, to be still, to be silent, to be space.

Thomas described this silence as the white space on the page.  People often don’t notice the white space on the page.  They are too focused on the letters, the words, the sentences & the meaning of the letters, the words, the sentences.  The letters & the pictures are the movement; the white space is the silence & the space.  Many fill our pages, our lives, with so many words, so many pictures, the white space is completely covered.  You’ve seen pages like that, jam-packed with stuff.  How do you feel looking at such pages?  Tired?  Overwhelmed?  Stressed?  This is the way many of us live our lives — jam-packed with stuff, appointments, activities, work, people, things.  There’s no balance.

When we balance movement with silence, when we allow our movements to be informed by the silence, by the space, we allow for all the Divine offers — creativity, resonance, peace, joy & a deep sense of purpose & being in flow.  Begin with 5 minutes of quiet time, meditation time, time in prayer a day.  See what that small space offers.  What would our world look like, if we all took time to BE, if we all took time to meditate, if we all took time listen to that still, small, wise & powerful voice within?  We would have a world flowing with a river of joy, a world playing in the ocean of creativity, a world being immersed in a sense of deep peace.

To that, I say, “Heck yeah!”

Much much love,



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