Got Balance?

I attended a talk on feng shui last evening by Dr. Shantung Hsu and he presented a couple  interesting guiding principles that can be applied to you, your career, your relationships & your home.

1.  Everything in the universe has three aspects:  matter, chi (energy), and information.  Tapping into the  energy & the information manifested in the matter will offer you clues on what may be in alignment with the universal principles of nature.  If that sounds foreign, confusing or too technical for you, it’s easy to try it yourself.  Sit in three different rooms & notice how each makes you feel.  Notice how the lighting, the furnishings, the furniture placement, the windows, the doors & their placement all can make you feel more relaxed, less relaxed, more energized, less energized.  This is your body resonating with what feels the most natural.  What feels the most natural offers us clues to classic feng shui principles.  One of those principles is that everything is energy:  you, your home, all of the things inside & outside of your home, the other people in your home.

2.  In this energy of life, work, relationships, emotions, home, it is important to continuously balance the energies of yin and yang.  That balance can begin in your home.  When there is balanced yin energy (inward, receptive, night, feminine, radiant) in a room, you may feel relaxed & peaceful, calm & serene.  When there is too much yin energy in a room, you  may feel tired or melancholy.  When there is balanced yang energy (outward, expressive, light, masculine, purposeful) in a room, you may feel energized & direct, focused & clear.  When there is too much yang energy in a room, you may feel distressed or aggressive.  It may be helpful to look at those same three rooms & look at how balanced they are in terms of outward expressive yang energy & inward receptive yin energy.  It will differ with the time of day, the weather outside, the other people inside the room and it may be interesting to begin to explore this.

While I am in no way a feng shui expert, Dr. Hsu’s talk reminded me that when we listen to what feels good in our home, in our relationships, & in our work, we naturally follow the feng shui principles of energetic resonance & balance.  Please feel free to ask questions or leave your comments here.

Much love, Jodi


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