Essence from The Power Deck by Lynn V. Andrews

I pull cards each morning during my meditation routine & this is what I pulled this morning.  I thought it fitting to share with you:

Essence (East-Yellow card)

Life is like school.  We move through it learning many things, cloaking ourselves in environmental knowledge.  You are on the warrior’s path toward enlightenment.  You must one day peel away accumulated knowledge like layers of an onion and move back into the source of your power.  When contemplating  a Zen garden, you find that the source of your power is the essence of the Great Spirit.

We come onto this earthwalk like a giant piece of smashed mirror, every one of us reflecting the light of our god.  The experience of life is a process of piecing together these scrambled fragments into one great mandala, reflecting the one source of all being.

Like the center of a cyclone, we sit at the one point of stillness, the pandemonium of life circulating madly around us.  Choose equilibrium, not frenzy.  Live life from the center.  The essence of you and the essence of the primal moving force of the universe are one.

What is your essence?  What makes you both uniquely you & intricately connected with the all?  Tap into this essence as this is where you will find your power?

Much love, Jodi


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