The flame

Our Flame by Accidental Faith

My beloved yoga instructor Douglas offered a visualization to us this morning from the Baghavad Gita & I would like to share this with you.  He said that the Soul or the Atman can be seen by us as a flame about the size of a human thumb, burning at the center of our chest.  This flame warms us with the very  best of our essence.  I see this flame as the thing that  connects us to the Source.  I see this flame as Pure Love.

So whenever you are feeling disconnected, stuck or lacking in power, wisdom or in any way separated, know that any feeling of separation is an illusion.  See your flame.  Recognize that your flame  & the Source are one and the same.  Shine your flame brightly to the world.  Feel the love emanate from the very core of your being and radiate the warmth of your flame, your love, out to the world.

Much love,



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