Community – A gift

Community Tree

My yoga instructor Jamie shared with us the definition of community @ our Sunday bhakti yoga. COM comes from the Latin root that means ‘together’ or ‘with’. MUNOS is the Latin root that means ‘gift’, so the word community stands for a gift of coming together or the gift of being with others and it got me thinking about what communities I am in and I’m curious about what communities you are in?

I feel so blessed to be among a number of different beautiful communities. My dear family is one gift of community. I have the amazing gift of a beautiful yoga community. I am part of a meditation satsang (the Sanskrit word meaning the company of the highest truth) that is such a gift and I have created a collage community, bringing the gift of creativity into my home. My heart people serve as the strong backbone to my little Seattle community and I have my coaching community. Even Facebook has created an interesting global community.

The beauty & magic of community is when a community comes together, each individual brings his or her other communities with them, increasing the cohesiveness & fortitude of that community. As Thomas from my satsang puts it, ‘It all comes back to love.’

Much love,


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