Focus Grasshopper

create. complete. repeat.

I have been practicing non-dominant handwriting for a while now.  There is something magical, mysterious and deeply intuitive that happens when I write with my non-dominant hand.  My dominant hand is my right hand, so typically, I ask a question with my dominant hand & then, an answer shows up through my non-dominant hand.  Sometimes my non-dominant hand will posit a question to ponder.  Sometimes my non-dominant hand will offer a suggestion.  Sometimes my non-dominant hand will state a simple command.

I feel curious whether the intuition comes from the right creative brain hemisphere offering information to my left hand.  Then I wonder about folks with dominant left hands.  It appears there’s something logical and rational about your dominant hand & something intuitive and non-linear about your non-dominant hand (regardless of which hand is dominant and which hand is non-dominant).  Circuits are re-routed or transcended to get to the Source.

The following themes have showed up in my non-dominant handwritings that I thought may be helpful to share:

  1. Love what you do.  Do what you love.
  2. Let go of ego & trust.
  3. Focus grasshopper.

Please let me know, if this has been helpful to you.

Much love, Jodi



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