The Truth of Impersonality

embracing heaven & earth by andrew cohen – tenet 4 of 5

Impressions by Jodi Hyde

I am feeling tremendous love for all of you.  Thank you for the gift you each bring to my life, both expressly unique & part of the One.  I give to you this 4th tenet, perhaps the most difficult of the 5 tenets.

the fourth tenet:  The Truth of Impersonality

“The courageous willingness to unconditionally renounce this very personal relationship to our own experience is what enables the true Self to freely manifest itself as ourselves. It is imperative to recognize the fact that the true Self could never be personal or unique. And the degree to which we are able to renounce the need to see our own experience as being personal or unique will be the same degree to which the true Self will become manifest.”

Much love,




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