Face Everything and Avoid Nothing

embracing heaven & earth by andrew cohen – tenet 3 of 5

Impressions by Jodi Hyde

With our eye on freedom & our fully taking responsibility for everything we do, we move to the 3rd tenet.  Within the realm of ego, this tenet is very very difficult, if not impossible.  Within the realm of our singular desire for freedom, this tenet becomes easier to practice.

the third tenet:  Face Everything and Avoid Nothing

“Very few of us face anything.  Without being aware of it, we are in the grip of a fear-driven habit, a habit of avoidance and denial.  That habit is the movement of ego….the ego’s compulsive need to see itself as being separate.  But if we have made up our minds that we want to be free, then the whole picture changes.  Now the primary object of our attention is the desire for freedom, not the survival of the ego.  Now we’ve decided that we want to be liberated from the painful experience of having our attention constantly fixated on the ego….In order to experience what it means to be awake, in order to be able to see clearly for ourselves what the truth actually is, we must liberate ourselves from the insidious need to always see ourselves as being separate.”

Much love,




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