Oh my Rumi….

Impressions by Jodi Hyde

I return to you, Rumi, like a parched gazelle returns to her favorite watering hole….

The Fragile Vial

I need a mouth as wide as the sky

to say the nature of a True Person, language

as large as longing.

The fragile vial inside me often breaks.

No wonder I go mad and disappear for three days

every month with the moon.

For anyone in love with you,

it’s always these invisible days….

…The body is a device to calculate

the astronomy of the spirit.

Look through that astrolabe

and become oceanic….

…The Absolute works with nothing.

The workshop, the materials

are what does not exist.

Try and be a sheet of paper with nothing on it.

Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing,

where something might be planted,

a seed, possibly, from the Absolute.

Be Melting Snow

Totally conscious, and apropros of nothing, you come to see me.

Is someone here?  I ask.

The moon.  The full moon is inside your home….

…Be melting snow.

Wash yourself of yourself.

A white flower grows in the quietness.

Let your tongue become that flower.

~ both from The Essential Rumi

by Coleman Barks

Much love, Jodi



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