Revolutionary Evolutionary Andrew Cohen

Three Talking Points

Andrew Cohen spoke to Seattle tonight & I wanted to share 3 points on evolving our consciousness to a greater & higher state:

  1. We are the energy & intelligence that initiated the creative process 14 billion (or a little less) years ago & we are the driving force of the creative process.
  2. This creative process has directionality & is going somewhere.
  3. We are directly & urgently responsible for the ascension of Consciousness to a state of manifestation of our agreed upon definition of god/goodness/source.

One way to take responsibility on a global & a cosmos scale for what comes next is to devote 5% of your focus, energy & attention on your day-to-day stuff & personal psychological stuff & 95% of your focus, energy & attention to transforming yourself & vibrating at the highest level of creational being you can possibly muster.

Much love, Jodi


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