What’s Jodi Reading #2

Busting Loose from the Money Game by Bob Scheinfeld

Impressions by Jodi Hyde

This book combines quantum physics & theories on holograms with The Matrix to answer 3 core questions:  1)  Who Am I?  2) Why Am I Here?  3)  What’s My Purpose?  Offering a tool belt worth of tools, it concludes & provides the following statement:

“I am the Power and Presence of God creating everything I experience, everything.  I am Infinite Abundance, right here, right now.  Infinite power to create anything I want.  Infinite knowledge and wisdom.  Infinite feelings of joyfulness and peace.  Infinite feelings of unconditional love and appreciation for all my creations.  Infinite supply of money to express appreciation with, right here, right now.”

Much love to you, great being of light & power!  Love Jodi


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