Love the Now #6/7 (belated)

Hello dear friends, family and people I would like to meet and know,

Happy Post-summer!
What I have (re-)discovered this past summer of ’10
is how my thoughts and my beliefs underlying my thoughts
profoundly impact how my life is going to go.
The last issue of Love the NOW spoke on gratitude.  If you are looking
around for things in your life to be thankful for, you will find them.
If you are looking around for things in your life to complain about,
you will find them too.
This issue of Love the NOW is on peace. defines “peace” as
5.  cessation of or freedom from any strife or dissension.
6.  freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety,
an obsession, etc.; tranquility; serenity.
7.  a state of tranquility or serenity.
Feel free to read on, if this does not describe the state of your life
right now.
Much love, Jodi

Love the NOW

by Jodi L. Hyde, Transformational Life Coach

7 keys to love the NOW 

Do you love the NOW or are you wishing you were in the future land of “If only’s”?  Do any of these sound familiar?  “If only I were on vacation, …”  or “If only I had more money, …” or “If only I had the job I’ve always wanted, …”  or “If only the economy were a little more stable, …”
I would like to share just a few tidbits of what I have learned thus far in my journey about the elusive “If only’s”.  The next 2 issues will continue to look at each one of the following 7 keys to love the NOW in turn.
Each key can be used in meditation, contemplation, and action to unlock the door to happiness.
1.  Be present.
2.  Be love.
3.  Be service.
4.  Be abundance.
5.  Be gratitude.
6.  Be peace.
7.  Be authentic.
Be peace.
  • Instead of grasping for more and resisting what is, be peace.

  • There is a myth that if I just work hard enough, or have enough money, or date the right person or purchase the right house, I will be content and at peace.  The tremendous truth is this:  peace, just like love (See key #2) & abundance (See key #4) & gratitude (See key #5) is available to anyone & everyone in this moment (See key #1).  How?  Choose peace.
  • This is a simple thing and not necessarily easy to be.  Choice is involved, intention is involved & then it is all about practice, practice, practice.  Take a moment and look at the following questions, as you contemplate what your life might look like when you choose peace.
  • What images come up to you when you imagine peace?  What is holding you back from being peace?  What feelings do you feel when you choose peace?
Stay tuned for the next key to Love the NOW.  Please feel free to comment on this blog 3 things you got from this ezine.  🙂
namaste (the light in me HONORS the light in you.)
Jodi L. Hyde, Happiness Coach

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