Happiness Now #2 by Jodi L. Hyde, Happiness Coach

Happiness NOW #2/7

by Jodi L. Hyde, Happiness Coach

7 keys to be happy 

We would all love to discover our purpose in life and be happy.  It is the ultimate goal, the ultimate state of being, what everyone is trying to achieve through actions, experiences, things, & people.  I would like to share just a few tidbits of what I have learned thus far in my journey.  The next 6 issues will continue to look at each one of the following 7 keys to be happy in turn.  Each key can be used in meditation, contemplation, and action to unlock the door to happiness.
1.  Be present.
2.  Be love.
3.  Be service.
4.  Be abundance.
5.  Be gratitude.
6.  Be peace.
7.  Be authentic.

Be love.

Instead of wanting & needing & wishing & desiring & hoping & desperately grasping, be love in the here and now.

Love yourself, your essence, your gifts, your strengths, your weaknesses, your body, your mind, your health, your dreams, your vision. Love you.
Love others, your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbors, your enemies, your baristas, your cashiers, the people you pass on the street, the people who run the country (Barack Obama) & all the amazing beauty & the gifts they have to offer.
Love this planet.  Change your lightbulbs.  Turn your thermostat down (in the winter 1 degree) or up (in the summer 1 degree.  Bus, walk or carpool to work.  Reduce your consumption.  Reuse bags, boxes, clothes.  Recycle paper, plastic, glass aluminum.
The beautiful thing about love is love grows love.  The more love you give, the more love you receive.
Stay tuned for the next key to be happy.  Please feel free to comment on this blog 3 things you got from this ezine.  🙂
namaste (the light in me HONORS the light in you.)
Jodi L. Hyde, Happiness Coach
Possibilities Unlimited Coaching Services

“Awaken to your authentic self!!!”  🙂


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