Happiness NOW

by Jodi L. Hyde, Happiness Coach


7 keys to be happy 🙂

Everyone is just looking for ways to be happy. It is the ultimate goal, the ultimate state of being, what everyone is trying to achieve through actions, experiences, things, & people. I would like to share just a few tidbits of what I have learned thus far in my journey. The next 7 issues will take a look at each one of the following 7 keys to be happy in turn. Each key can be used in meditation, contemplation, and action to unlock the door to happiness.

1. Be present.

2. Be love.

3. Be service.

4. Be abundance.

5. Be gratitude.

6. Be peace.

7. Be authentic.

Be present. Instead of thinking about where you want to be, or where you want to go, or what you want to do, instead of thinking about what might happen or what has happened, instead of thinking about your fears or your wishes or your regrets or your goals, instead of thinking period, be present in the here and now.

Feel what your body is feeling now. hear what your ears are hearing now. see what your eyes are seeing now. smell what your nose is smelling now. be present to all the wonder that is now in this very moment.

Begin to become present to the amazing being who YOU are now. Feel in your body your lovely essence now. Connect in your body to your heart center now. Sense all that you bring to this amazing planet now. Intuit what YOU offer now. Love who YOU are now.

Stay tuned for the next key to be happy. Please feel free to share this (in its whole state with my reference) with friends, acquaintances and anyone who is seeking happiness. namaste (the light in me HONORS the light in you.), Jodi L. Hyde, Happiness Coach, jodilhyde@possibilitiesunltd.biz


2 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Jodi!
    Just got your Mail and read your amazing blog. keep on doing that and I’ll keep on reading it 😉
    if you can’t remember….we hiked the Kepler Track in NZ together 😉

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