A New President (Barack Obama) & a New Program (Project A.I. Authentic Intelligence)

Exciting amazing possibilities on our horizon!  Tonight marks the end of a difficult era in American politics and tomorrow marks the dawn of an era of hope and change as Barack Obama is sworn in as our 44th president!  My hope is that among the unlimited possibilities that are ours, we will all choose LOVE, love for our beautiful planet (by reducing our carbon footprint), love for our fellow humans (by supporting world peace) and love for ourselves (by being our most amazing selves & creating lives we love).  I recall the tremendous outpouring of love to our fellow country mates following 9-11 and I would love to see us love with such openness, beauty, generosity & authenticity at all times.  My hope too is that we all choose PEACE, peace in Iraq, peace in Afghanistan, peace in the U.S. and peace in our daily interactions with our fellow beings.


In supporting my hope, I am in the exciting process of creating a new program — Project A.I. (Project Authentic Intelligence), where folks will have a unique opportunity to work with me individually and with a fellow cohort to discover his or her unique authentic self.  Stay tuned to find out all the amazing details, including how to apply to participate in this transformative program!  🙂


Much love,  Jodi L. Hyde, Happiness Coach

Possibilities Unlimited Coaching Services



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